The Boruca are the indigenous people of Costa Rica, who celebrate their power and tenacity during “la fiesta de los diablitos”.
The indigenous turn in to devils, in little monsters, with an aggressive aspect but really colourful. They wear this masks and impersonate the character, in this way they defeat the bull,
who represent the Spanish people came to conquer them.
The Boruca win, the masks is giving to them this power. The same effect is given to us by the mask that we wear everyday, which make us believe in being someone that we would like to be.

Boruca is a poster that reclaim the expressiveness of the
costa ricans masks but reduced in geometrical forms in order to transmitt power and aggressivenes.
The different paper colors represent the variety of masks that we continuously wear.


 Ada Keller

Thanks to the models: Clara Sestini, Theresa Wagner, Isabella Sebald, Matthias Pötz, Marta Brevi, Felicitas Gehring, Ernesto Bellei, Tobias Tavella.

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