Wheat is something that we see and eat everyday, but we often forget, or we don’t know, what kind of big and complex issues are provoked by this little seed.
Wheat is not just one grain: the species includes many varieties, with different spikes, but also different heights. Each variety has its own features and characteristics, which influence the milling process, as well as the quality and quantity of substances, like gluten for example. Thus, these varieties and characteristics determine the way of farming and even the global market.

This complex topic has been demerged into concepts and keywords and gradually translated into objects and videos. The abstract and simplified elements, which compose the installation, don’t offer any answers or conclusions, but rather intend to stimulate the observer to reflect about how big and complex a little grain of wheat can be.




research and design: Ada Keller


Thanks to:
Matthias Pötz
Rosario - Azienda Agricola Biologica Floriddia - PI

Prof. Benedettelli - Facoltà di Agraria - FI
Claudio Pozzi - WWOOF / Rete Semi Rurali
Bruno Keller and Esperanza Segui


Supervisors: Thomas Mayfried, Gianluca Camillini - unibz

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