A participatory and interactive tool.

The aim of this multidisciplinary project was to find a way to visualise distinct processes of pasture management in Patara Khanchali, Republic of Georgia and thus make the local farmers aware of complications in terms of sustainability. The scientific background for this project was carried out by the sociologist Anja Salzer and the geographer Marinus Gebhardt in the framework of their PhD research.

In order to overcome the difficulties in communicating with the local people due to language and education differences, an interactive tool was designed which would serve as the basis for the explanation and discussion of ecological and economical coherences in their farming culture. In this sense design acts as an important communicator between theoretical research and the actual people depending on a sustainable future. 


The video shows different scenarios of what is happening in Patara Khanchali, Republic of Georgia, about the pastures and it's related problmes, from the profit to the loss of biodiversity.

Watch the video here.


project manager and researchers: Anja Salzer & Marinus Gebhardt

visual communication and design: Ada Keller & Helene Kummer

production: Ada Keller & Helene Kummer

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